Hydrelo™ Dual Action
Lubricant Eye Drops with natural
Ectoin® 0.5% + Hyaluronic Acid 0.2%

Hydrelo™ Dual Action contains Ectoin® and Hyaluronic Acid.

  • Ectoin® is a natural cell-protective molecule isolated from a bacteria that can survive under extreme conditions. This product alleviates dry eye symptoms by protecting against dehydration and forming a water-rich protective cover around eye structures.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is commonly used in eye drops for dry eyes because of its high-water retention ability.
  • Hydrelo™ Dual Action can be used to treat and prevent symptoms of dry and irritated eyes.
  • Key benefits – Hydrelo™ Dual Action contains natural Ectoin® which protects eyes from drying and improves ocular wellness
  • Natural active ingredient ECTOIN® - a natural water-binding substance that provides protection and reduces inflammation
  • Clinically proven (supported by studies)
    • Alleviates dry eye symptoms of burning, redness and itching1,3
    • Moistens dry eyes and protects from further dehydration1,2 
    • Reduces inflammation and supports healing of dry and irritated eyes1,3
  • Hyaluronic acid increases the duration of moisturizing action and improves the soothing effect for dry eyes1,4
  • Preservative-free, suitable for everyday use
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers
  • How to use
  • Warnings
  • Single Dose: Detach one ampoule from the strip and open the unit by twisting off the tab, hold the ampoule upside down and let 1 or 2 drops fall into the pocket of each eye. Uses several time a day.

    Multiple Dose: Remove the protective cap of the bottle and avoid touching the exposed tip. Hold the bottle upside down, release one drop into the eye by gently squeezing the bottle. Carefully replace the protective cap after each usage of HydreloTM Dual Action Lubricant Eye Drops.

    Do not use:

    • After the expiry date has passed
    • If you are sensitive to any ingredient in this product
  • If symptoms persist, please consult your doctor

    Keep out of reach of children

    There is no data available regarding interactions with other eye preparations There is no available data for use in pregnant or breastfeeding women

    Store between 2°C - 25°C

Grab & protect!

Available in single - pocket dose format so you can protect your eyes everywhere


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